Trump knew it all, from the beginning

Yakky Duck

Donald Trump’s defenders have long argued he wasn’t aware of the massive corruption. That excuse has blown away.

Every week seems to bring another Trump scandal. There are so many now we’re going to have to start numbering them.  Up until now the sheer volume of alleged misdeeds and malfeasance has actually worked in the president’s favor. There is so much out there that it’s hard to keep the whole picture straight in your mind and that has the weird effect of making things seem less serious than they actually are.

We know that the Trump base and the vast majority of Republican voters still support the president and think it’s all nothing but a witch hunt. They are mesmerized by the president and propagandized by Fox News and other right-wing media. But I would imagine that even people who don’t like Trump but don’t follow all this closely or in much detail wonder whether maybe the whole thing is just a collection of complaints that don’t really add up to anything.

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